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Biology 170: Human Pathophysiology

Instructor: Lynda C. Titterington

Welcome to Biology 170, Human Pathophysiology

These pages were created to support Columbus State Community College students in Lynda Titterington's course sections, but anyone interested in human pathophysiology is welcome to peruse this site. If you have any questions, please feel free to use the Contact Lynda links.

Class resources on this site include:

A weekly list of lecture topics, homework and related web links [ URL: ]
Case Studies
A set of 10 case studies based on lecture and reading materials [ URL: ]
Instructions for Completing Case Study Reports
Rationale for the use of case studies, instructions and examples for each section of the cases, and instructions for compiling case notesbooks [ URL: ]
Diagnostic and Laboratory Testing
A glossary of some of the major diagnostic tests [ URL: ]
Important terms with their definitions [ URL: ]
News and Announcements
Website updates and the latest news from Lynda [ URL: ]
Course goals, textbook information, student responsibilities, methods of evaluation, quizzes and case studies, and lecture objectives [ URL: ]
Useful web links corresponding to lecture topics [ URL: ]